What is YAL?

YAL is the Metropolis of Denver’s young adult group. YAL is young adult led and responsible for creating and growing our own ministry opportunities. Our parents enjoyed success under the banner of the Young Adult League, growing a fruitful ministry, and now it is our turn. Dropping the full name and keeping the acronym, we are simply “YAL”- and we’re excited to continue to grow young adult ministry through our metropolis and the country.

Who should join?

Orthodox young adults between the ages of 19-35 who want to make friends and grow in their relationship to Christ.

What should we expect?

Expect a busy weekend! From arrival on Friday, to departure on Monday, we have filled the weekend to the brim with social events, speakers, and services. Expect to be challenged. Come with an open mind for learning and growing and prepare to build new relationships.

Why is this different?

We are young adults too, and we get it. We understand the struggle of maintaining a relationship in the Church while balancing our lives. We want to make this experience a fun, insightful, and empowering event that supports a well-rounded ministry.

What’s next from the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee is always trying to come up with new opportunities to grow our ministry and engage young adults in the life of the Church. Working closely with the Metropolis of Denver Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, we plan to have more annual events, as well as working with Clergy to establish Parish and Region specific young adult ministry. We believe that strong young adult ministry starts with the young adults and we’re excited to see more engagement. If you are interested in starting a YAL group in your parish, contact us, we can help!